Welcome to Lytchett Bay Apiaries

A personal blog about beekeeping, Queen bee rearing and, of course, Honey.

This page tells the exploits of a hobbyist beekeeper, based in Poole, Dorset, in the South of England – successes and failures, a few tips and information relating to beekeeping on a small scale.

I am an enthusiastic amateur beekeeper, not a bee farmer, and most of my sales of honey etc are “over the doorstep” – I do not run a business from it, nor do I intend to.
Most of what I post will be the way I do things, the ways I have found that work for me. Some might argue those ways to be wrong, or do things differently, and I say fair play to them – there is an old saying – ask five beekeepers the same question, and you’ll get twenty different answers…

I will include details about the rearing of Queen bees, practical beekeeping advice for all seasons, with details about swarm management, bee disease and treatment options, feeding and overwintering, all related to hobbyist beekeeping.

I hope the information I post is useful to others. You can leave a comment on any of the pages/posts on this site, and there is also a contact form should you wish to get in touch that way – please feel free to leave a comment, or use the contact form. There are also several ways to share the posts on this site, should you wish.

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The Honey Bee Apis mellifera