My bees at Lytchett are faring a bit better than the ones at home, but not much honey still.
The frame of eggs I moved into the Queenless hive did the trick, with several emergency Queen cells having been raised. Some were very small, and poor quality, so I destroyed them and left one good cell that has been capped, probably yesterday.
That should give me a laying Queen in around a month, so no honey from that hive this year I think.

I also robbed another frame of capped brood from hive 3 to put into hive 4 – weakening hive 3 further, but strengthening hive 4 as they have had no brood for a month now, being Queenless, and numbers were dwindling.
Finished up absolutely soaked in sweat, perks of wearing a bee suit when it’s 29º and rising.

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