Checked all the hives today, getting straight now hopefully.

  • Hive 1, Queenright with capped honey in the super, and stores in the brood box – no feed needed.
  • Hive 2, released the new Queen from the introduction cage, candy was almost through, so I let her out anyway. Left a rapid feeder with 1:1 sugar feed on to a) give the workers something to take their attention off the new Queen to give her a better chance, and b) they are low in numbers, so not many foragers and no stores.
  • Hive 3, Queenright, almost full capped super so another added.
  • Hive 4, Saw the newly emerged Queen, and heard her piping. Stores in the brood frames, and some in the super, so no feed needed.
  • Hive 5, doubled in size since last week, with frames of wall to wall capped brood – was well worth sticking a 1:1 feed on that one – left a rapid feeder with 1:1 sugar feed on to help them on.

Six frame nuc doing well, three completely covered brood frames, with good pollen and nectar arch above, looks good for the future. Left a rapid feeder with 1:1 sugar feed on.

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