Hives done today, No.1 hive is doing ok, especially as I lost a swarm from it earlier in the season. There are about seven frames of honey I can take, which although not much, is more than I expected from it.

No. 2 hive has had it due to being Queenless for most of the year and refusing to raise their own Queen, or accept a bought in Queen, so I will be combining this with a swarm I have had in a nuc for a couple of months that is doing really well.

Hive No. 5 (which was my weakest hive) is now rammed full of bees, with all eleven frames covered in brood. The Queen is a lovely black specimen, and she is laying a beautiful pattern of brood. No honey from this hive, but it should be a good one for next year.

The weather forecast is not too good for the next few days, so I will prepare some clearer boards ready to put on when the weather is better, so I can take the honey supers off and see what we get. It’s going to be a poor harvest, so I will have to hope for better next year.

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