Checked the bees at Lytchett today, one hive still Queenless – they did not accept new introduced Queen, or bring on their own from frames of eggs.

I have decided to leave the supers on a bit longer to see if they will cap off a few more frames.

Looks like I’ll be going from six colonies to four for the winter. I will merge the two hives at Lytchett, and possibly move a hive from my garden out there, and I will merge hive two with a nuc of bees I have. This will mean that these hives will have a better chance of over-wintering than they would if I left them as small colonies (after re-queening them).

I will get a bit of honey, maybe in a week or so, but nothing like the quantity I would have expected from five hives. I will have to do better next year I suppose.Bees.jpg

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