What is up with Queens this year? – my strongest colony has now gone Queenless, it has plenty of bees, plenty of stores and capped honey in the super, but is full of drone cells – I’m at a loss as to why the Queens are dying off (or being killed).

So, Hive 1 = now Queenless
Hive 2 = defunct, having constantly failed to raise their own Queen from donated eggs/larvae, and failing to accept bought in Queens the colony has died off or workers have absconded and begged their way into other hives
Hive 3 = Queenright
Hive 4 = Queenless again – will be merged this week coming with a colony from a six frame nuc made up from a captured swarm
Hive 5 = was the weakest hive, now very strong with solid frames of brood and plenty of stores. These bees are a bit feisty, or I would have used these for raising Queens next year

All the Queens I bought this year have failed, so I will be raising my own from now on.
It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy now, would it…

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