The BBC weather app says it’s 9 degrees here, but my weather station tells me it’s 12 degrees – either way, the bees are out in force, with lots of orientation flights going on, and pollen coming in.

If the weather keeps improving, and we have a spell of double figure temperature days, I’ll take a peek in to see what condition the bees are in after the winter.

Towards the end of the month, I’ll be adding some frames with fresh foundation that have a two inch strip of drone foundation along the bottom. Hopefully this will mean there will be plenty of drones about when I start my first round or Queen rearing – drones take 40 days from egg to reach sexual maturity.

I will also be adding some pollen patties and 1:1 syrup mix to assist in building up the numbers, and drawing out of new foundation.20180313_110218.jpg

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