It’s the Spring Equinox in Northern Hemisphere at 16:15 today, the first day of Spring, I for one am looking forward to longer days and the start of the new beekeeping season.

The recent cold weather and snow has seen the bees smashing through their feed – the increasing number of brood, and the lack of forage is a killer at this time of the year, more bees are lost from Feb – April than any other time of the year.

I just added emergency feed to some of my hives, the good thing is that they seem to be very strong, plenty of bees on the sugar blocks.

No need to open up the hives, just lift the lids and have a quick peek, and top up the feed if needed – fondant or sugar blocks, as it’s too cold for the bees to use syrup yet.

I’ll be putting pollen patties on in addition to the feed in the next week or so, to help boost the colonies ready for the summer, and so that I can make increase by carrying out splits. My preferred pollen sub is Ultra Bee/Bee Pro Plus from Bee Equipment Ltd

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