I started today topping up the brownie points bank, by building a set of bunk beds ready for when the grandkids stay over. I’m now working my way through a pile of 150 frames adding wax foundation to them.

I still have one complete hive to build and paint, along with 4 supers. The only big task left then is to build a couple of double hive stands, and a frame to put 10 mating nucs on.

Unless I’ve forgotten anything, that’ll be me ready for the season ahead.

Hopefully the temperatures will start picking up from the second week of April, and we can then get the colony strengths built up, some swarms collected, and the new hives filled up with bees. At the moment, it looks like I’ll have to buy some bees, as I’m sure I won’t have enough to fill the new hives and carry out Queen rearing.

Thats the plan, let’s see if it works out…

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