My weather station gives today’s temperature as 14°, so I decided to take the first look in the back garden hives of the season – This is almost three weeks later than last year. The false widow spiders had taken up residence in the roof above the insulation, and were most peeved at being evicted.

Both colonies have come through the winter well, with +/- 8 frames of bees. Drones walking around on the frames, some capped drone brood, and brood in all stages.

I was surprised to see some capped stores still, despite the rough winter the bees have had.

There is plenty of willow and gorse pollen going in too, with about half a frame stored.

I added Bee-Pro Plus patties to both hives, and a 1:1 syrup to give them a boost, and get the queen laying at full tilt. The weather for the next week is wet but mild, so they should have no problem taking the syrup.

This wasn’t a full inspection, more of a clean out the roof space, take a quick look to see all is ok, and add some feed.
If the weather picks up by the end of next week, I’ll be doing a proper inspection at that time.

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