East Dorset Beekeepers Association (EDBKA) ran an outdoor practical training session at the association’s apiary today, for new and aspiring beekeepers, and for members who are taking the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) basic assessment this year.

Mark White, Chris Williams and myself lead the new-bee groups on opening and inspecting hives. There was also a group led by Master Beekeeper Lesley Gasson for those taking their Basic Assessment this year.

It was great to see a large number of attendees. We were able to show queen marking in two hives, and to carry out a shook swarm of another hive. Some members got to see wax moth up close, exposing the larvae to its fate with the bees, and watched the bees pile on and attack it. We also managed to see what invaders can do to a hive as wood ants had taken control of a hive, driving the bees out.

All in all, it was a good day, with most of the students getting to carry out some of the work required (under instruction), and I think it was safe to say that all enjoyed the session.

Below are some images from the session. Photos courtesy of Mark White.

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