It’s a rainy day here in Dorset today, so I set about taking care of a few jobs I’d been putting off.

The first task was to change out the metal runners in my honey supers for 10 frame castellated spacers. This means I need one frame less per super, and the extra space between each frame allows the bees to draw the wax out further, allowing them to store more honey per cell.

The second task was to install wax foundation to all 100 new super frames that I made previously, then filling all the new supers with the frames – I miscounted somewhere, as I’ve ended up with seven frames short in one box.

Wired wax foundation & BS National super frame

The third task was to get my kit ready for tomorrow’s EDBKA practical training session at the association’s apiary, where I am leading one of the groups of new beekeepers. I received a lot of help and training from the association when I first started beekeeping, so am doing my little bit to pay it back.

Next week I will be setting up a new out apiary at Lytchett Minster, which will be good – I’m slowly getting the area surrounding my queen rearing site covered with my own bees, and hope that in some way it will have a good affect on the mating and progeny of any queens I raise.

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