The Queen is dead!

Not what you want to find while carrying out hive inspections - a dead queen, and one of this years too! Luckily I raise my own queens, so am able to replace her easily enough, but it is always sad to find a dead queen. I spent the morning marking new virgin queens, and then … Continue reading The Queen is dead!

First grafts of 2018

We had a really hot and humid day today, my weather station said 35°, the car said 29° and the weather report on the radio said 26° - so take your pick. I was super glad to have my vented bee jacket, I still got very sweaty, but I could carry on working - I'm … Continue reading First grafts of 2018

Rendering Beeswax

As part of the normal beekeeping year, beekeepers accumulate wax from replacing old brood frames and from wax cappings at extraction time. Brood Frames Each year it is recommended that a beekeeper replaces a third of the frames in the brood box. It is important that the frames are replaced for several reasons. Old frames … Continue reading Rendering Beeswax

Walk away split

Today, I went over to one of my apiaries at Lytchett Minster and made a walk away split from one of the very strong hives there, in order to prevent it from swarming. I was able to take away 4 brood frames and a frame of stores, still leaving the original hive in a strong … Continue reading Walk away split

Splits and Queens

I went over to my Lytchett Matravers Apiary this morning to split a double brood National hive to make two hives. This is quite straightforwards; Put a new stand and floor to one side, over a metre away from the existing hive remove the roof and crown board from the existing hive, place the roof … Continue reading Splits and Queens

A busy (BUZZY) day

I had a very busy day today, 9 hours spent doing beekeeping. I did an inspection on the new apiary at Lytchett Minster, and am happy to report that the queens are going great guns, with wall to wall brood on 9 frames already, so supers added. I also set up a new apiary, again … Continue reading A busy (BUZZY) day

New Queens

I re-queened two of my hives today, as the bees in those hives were becoming more and more 'protective' of the garden, head butting and following right up to the back door. I re-queened them with Carniolan bees - the Carniolan bee is calm and non-aggressive, used to obtain honey and other bee products in populated areas, … Continue reading New Queens