I set up a new out-apiary at Lytchett Minster today, I think I melted into my suit it was so warm.

The bees were so placid it was amazing, despite having been closed up for almost a day, transported in a car and then moved from nucs into hives – they seem to have a lovely temperament, and both Queens were laying up really well too.

I set the nucs in place, opened them up and left them for an hour to settle, then moved them to one side and placed the hives in their place. It was then a simple task of moving the 6 frames from each nuc into their new hives. The bees seem happy with their new home, fanning at the entrance and marching on in.

These should turn into nice colonies, and hopefully produce a honey crop this year, all being well. They were bringing in pollen before I had even finished, which is a good sign.

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