Another hot day today, 28° or so with not a cloud in the sky, and light airs.

I painted some 6 frame poly nucs this morning, and some spare vented travel lids for them, but I forgot all about the new box of mating nucs. We have our grand kids on Sundays, so I did not have time to paint the mating nucs today.

Tomorrow, I will have a quick look at the last of the over wintered nucs, which along with another hive will be going to a new site at Lytchett Minster on Saturday, and possibly paint the new mating nucs. The reason I say possibly is that one of my Son’s might be coming over to help me tidy up the garden.

I have two new queens coming on Wednesday (more Carniolans), one to place in a split I have already done, and one to place in a new split that I have to do in the next couple of days.

So I have some tidying up to do, re-queen two hives and split another hive into two, set up a new out-apiary plus a new double hive stand to make – a busy week ahead again.

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