I had a very busy day today, 9 hours spent doing beekeeping. I did an inspection on the new apiary at Lytchett Minster, and am happy to report that the queens are going great guns, with wall to wall brood on 9 frames already, so supers added.

I also set up a new apiary, again in Lytchett Minster, but at a different location. The queen there is also doing really well, and another super added to the hive. As more bees become ready to hive, I will add another hive to this apiary.

I had just got home and put all my kit away, when a friend called me from Finland, where is is on holiday – one of his hives had swarmed, and could I go and catch it for hime – so off I went.

The swarm had settled on a chicken coop, so I put a box under the cluster and swept the bees into it. I then placed the box upside down on a sheet under the rest of the cluster. I must have got the queen on the first pass, as the bees stayed in the box, and the remainder gradually went in.


I had to remove the roof panels from the coop to get some bees out from under the vented ridge. It took about 1.5 hours to get most of the bees in the box, and when I left there were very few stragglers. They will probably beg their way back into the hive they swarmed from.

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