Queen Marking

Finding The Queen Generally this poses a problem for beginners, as indeed for some of the more seasoned beekeepers, who are not accustomed to examining their colonies on a regular basis. Perhaps the ability to spot the queen may be described as a gift, which comes with experience in the routine handling of bees. The best … Continue reading Queen Marking

The many uses of beeswax

One of the great benefits of keeping honey bees is the potential of the many homemade uses you can find for the beeswax the bees produce to build their honeycombs. There are dozens and dozens of uses for beeswax. I’ll include the following: Basic Information About Beeswax Great Uses for Beeswax Around the House and … Continue reading The many uses of beeswax

Incubator disaster!

I checked my incubator last night, like I always do before I go to bed, and was horrified to see that the temperature was only 24°C when it should be 35°C. I checked to see if the temp setting had been inadvertently changed, but it hadn't. I opened the door, and found the fan constantly … Continue reading Incubator disaster!