After the failure of my incubator, I managed to save two queens still in their cells. They should have emerged Wednesday, but the lower temperature slowed them down.

A new queen emerging from her cell

I saw one trying to get out of her cell, so decided to help her by removing bits of wax with my tweezers. Unfortunately, due to being in her cell for longer, there was no royal jelly left so she was starving. Despite giving her some watered down honey, she did not make it.

I decided to take the other one out of her cell as well, as I could see there was no jelly left in the cell cup. I used an Exacto knife to start opening the cell, then used my tweezers to remove bits of wax and the queen emerged. She started looking for food as soon as she emerged, so I gave her some of my honey. She appears to be doing ok.

Newly emerged queen looking for food.
Back in the roller cage and eating

If she looks like she is ok tomorrow, I will put her in a mating nuc. Hopefully she will recover and turn out to be a good queen.

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