We have had a week now where the temperatures are 30°C or so. This has sent the bees into overdrive, with lots of Blackberries and white clover to forage on, and they are filling supers really fast.

Almost all my hives have 3 supers on now, and 2 of those are virtually all capped honey. I will put some clearer boards on Monday or Tuesday this coming week, and take the supers off for extracting – I’ve almost run out of supers now, only 2 left spare. Once I have extracted the honey from the supers, I’ll put them back on the hives for the bees to clean up, and hopefully fill them again.

supers full of honey

It looks like I only have 1 queenless hive at my out apiaries now – I did see a young queen in there on the 18th June, but there is no brood or sign of the queen now. I’ll leave it another week or so to see if it is just a case of a young queen jut mated and not laying yet.

Lots of capped brood, and lots of bees

It was bloody hot, and humping heavy supers about in 30°C heat is no fun, I finished up soaked from head to foot in sweat – I bet I looked a pretty site!

Bees on the front of the hive due to the heat
My last 2016 queen is still going very strong

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