It was another hot day, but slightly cooler than of late – ‘only’ 26° C, and as I have all but run out of supers, I had to do some extracting so I had some supers I could put back on the hives.

Extracting is a hot, sticky process however much you prepare. I donned an old pair of trousers, and an even older T-shirt – knowing that everything would get covered in honey, wax and propolis, then set to work.

Immaculately clean extractor, strainer and food safe buckets at the ready
Cranking the extractor
The extractor loaded with 8 uncapped frames of honey
The first dribbles of the sticky golden honey
Every batch was checked for water content using a honey refractometer

It was an all-day job, with all the clean up etc, but we ended up with 80 litres of honey, and two large plastic bins filled with wax capping – quite pleased with that. I’ll be going round checking the hives and putting back the empty supers in the next couple of days, and I may even have some more that need extracting…..

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