After extracting the first batches of honey last week, I gave up waiting for my jar order to arrive, and bottled what honey I could with the jars I still had in stock. When my jars (finally) arrive, I will decant the honey from the storage buckets into the jars and put my “Honey for Sale” signs outside in my front garden.

I had 33 jars left over from last year, so was able to decant 11.2kg (24 ½lb) of honey into jars.

This honey is from the hives in our own garden, it is slightly cloudy, possibly due to the amount of white clover we have locally, which the bees love to forage on. It has a lovely light flavour, and no graininess – tastes great on a slice of toast.

I give all my neighbours a jar of honey, and the landlords of my out apiaries also get jars of honey based upon the number of hives I have at each location.

It has been my best year for a honey crop, with my bees all working hard to produce the bumper harvest.

Thank you bees, and well done!

A small portion of this years honey harvest

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