I inspected all the hives and nucs in my garden apiary today, all looking good I’m happy to say. The queens from my own queen rearing programme are all doing very well, with nice solid, healthy looking brood pattern.

One of my home raised queens with solid capped brood
Another of my home raised queens
Her majesty and retinue

I also introduced 2 new virgin queens into nucs, hopefully they’ll be out on their mating flights in the next few days and have nice strong colonies ready for the winter. By overwintering new queens I can make increase early next year, and also have colonies to replace any that fail over the winter. That way, I can be self reliant beekeeping wise, right from the start of the season with my own stock of queens and nucs ready to go into hives in the spring.

I’ll be posting some very good news regarding my queen rearing next week, stay tuned for more, as they say.

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