I had a phone call last week, from Marco Melo of Api-Bees in Kent, offering me a new breeder queen, with a colony of bees in a poly nuc. I was very happy to accept Marco’s offer, and we arranged a time for me to collect the nuc from Marco’s home in Kent.

I tied the trip to Marco’s in with visiting my parents, who live in Kent, and my Brother and his family who were visiting from their home in Germany.

Unfortunately I did not get to meet Marco, as he had to drive ‘up North’ to deliver a large order of bees, but did meet his partner Michaela, and collected the bees.

I had to keep the colony closed up for a couple of days, so they were regularly sprayed with water and kept in the shade to prevent them overheating – the nuc also had a travel screen on to aid ventilation.

I arrived back home today, and set the nuc up in the position that I will be placing a new hive for them and let them free – judging by the way they piled out of the entrance, it would be safe to say they were relieved to have been released.

The bees began orienting to their new location right away.

Tomorrow, I will move the nuc to one side, set a new hive in it’s place and transfer the colony from the nuc into their new hive. As they have already oriented to the new location, they will move right into the hive as the entrance will be in the same place as the nuc entrance, plus their queen, brood and frames of stores will now be in the hive.

The new colony in place
The pedigree card of the new breeder queen

This new queen will form the back bone of my queen rearing programme next year.

Many thanks to Marco Melo for supplying the queen, the colony of bees and the nuc.

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