After a bit of hive husbandry and swapping frames between a couple of hives and nucs, shaking in some nurse bees etc I have done what I think will be the last grafts for this year.

20 grafts gone into a starter colony, with a frame of soon to emerge brood and some nurse bees shaken in, some pollen substitute on top of the frames and a 1:1 syrup feed to ensure the grafted larvae are well fed.

Any queens that emerge, and then are successfully mated, will head nucs that will be overwintered in order that they can be moved into new hives next spring.

There are very few drones about now, with that and this hot, dry weather I think I may be expecting a bit much with this batch, but better to try and fail than to fail to try.

When any queen cells are capped and moved into the incubator, I will merge some existing nucs and move them into hives. One will be going to North Holton, but I am not too sure where the other one will be going yet. This will free up the nucs so that I can make some splits to over winter in them.

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