I inspected all my garden hives and nucs today, and merged some of the mating nucs to make larger colonies for over-wintering.

I have to say, I am very happy with the queens I have produced this year, they have all come on really strong, have lovely brood patterns and are very calm. I got far more honey than I was expecting to get from them this year, even with leaving them a super each for the winter.

All these queens need to show now, is that they can over-winter well, and build up quickly in the spring.

I have not had any disease problems, no wax moths and very little in the way of varroa, however I will be vaping all the hives with Oxalic acid now that the supers have been harvested, so that the varroa load going into winter is reduced. I will do another OA vape around Christmas time, when there should be little or no brood.

I’m quite happy with the way things have gone for the year, and am investing the money from my honey sales into new kit for next year.

I think the bees like me too, as one of them gave me a little kiss on the tip of my forefinger…..

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