Here is the update on my show wax preparation…

Partly melted wax, showing the rubbish filtered out by the kitchen paper towel
The finished block of wax, nice and clean
The mould for my 1oz bricks
The first shot at making the bricks – rough around the edges
More work needed, too much shrinkage/loss of shape

For a first try at cleaning wax to this level, and moulding it, I don’t think it was that bad. I need to control the cooling down period more to prevent the wax shrinking too much in the mould, and losing shape – you can see in the last photo above how the sides of the bricks have bowed inwards. These would be good enough to sell, but not for entering a show – well, not if I want to win a prize, that is.

I have some time to get a better result, as the show is not until the 22nd September, and entries will be accepted right up until 10:00 that morning.

I’d better inform my wife that I’ll be taking up room in the kitchen for a bit longer…

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