I’ve been rendering and cleaning wax for entering into the honey show, and moulded some wax yesterday to see how it came out.

The 8oz blocks were a dismal fail, I must’ve got some water (probably from steam) into the wax, because this happened;

Big ooops, water in the wax

This would have been my entry into class10;
Class 10                    One cake of beeswax to be 227g (8oz) or over, plain mould

I did 2 blocks together, with the same result;

Double oops

It’s fairly obvious to a blind man that this would not win any prizes, so this lot is going back into the pan.

Part of my Class 16 entry, 1oz blocks of wax came out fine, as did the 2 test pieces from some new moulds I had bought, a skep with bees on, and a bee on honeycomb.

These smaller items came out much better

The 1oz blocks will go with some jars of honey into the composite class;
Class 16                    Composite Class: any three of the under-mentioned items:
454g (1lb) jar light honey       454g (1lb) jar heather honey
454g (1lb) jar granulated honey           1 section (round or square)
454g (1lb) jar medium honey               3 x 28.5g (1oz) bars wax, any shape
454g (1lb) jar dark honey                 1 shallow comb for extraction

My possible entry into Class 13 came out much better, no cracks, no discolouration, very little shrinkage, no warping – this is a large piece, 8 inches across.

A few imperfections right in the middle

Class 13                    Any decorative item made by exhibitor from beeswax (not a candle)

This is one large piece, not made up of individual parts. I took great care in the cooling of this so as to avoid cracks, warping or shrinking, and it seems to have paid off.

I’ve got until Saturday (22nd September) to perfect the 8oz blocks, I might try a dry melt to make sure that no water gets into the wax.

The wax is lovely and clean, and smells great, so all ok there, I just need to sort out the problem with water getting into the wax.

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