I did the first proper inspection of the year today, checking all the hives in my garden.

All were lovely and strong, plenty of bees and brood, but one was a bit low on stores, so I will have to keep my eye on that one.

I moved the overwintered nucs into hives for them to build up for the yer ahead. All the nucs were bursting with bees, and the frames were all toppers with brood and stores, so I got them at about the right time, before they think of swarming.

None of the colonies had queen cells in, which is good as there weren’t that many drones in the hives.

I have pollen sub on my queen rearing colonies, as I want them to be maxed out with bees ready for when I start grafting.

All the hives have a queen excluder and super on to make sure the bees have enough room, and to slow down any need for the bees to think about swarming due to overcrowding.

The foundations are set for a good year this year – I hope!

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