My new Supers Heater Trolley from Abelo arrived this morning, so I hope to be able to warm up the supers that are in my bee shed so that I can extract the honey, somewhat later than planned.

To use, you stack your supers on this heated platform to warm them for extraction. The heavy duty stainless steel grid houses a heating element and fan, which pushes warm air through your frames. The trolley can also be used to decrystalise honey by placing an empty super above the platform and stack your jars inside.

All I need now is the time to be able to do it…..

2 thoughts on “Supers Warmer

  1. Hi Jim, what did you think to the Abelo supers heater trolley? I’m considering recommending one for my association to keep heather honey supers warm before extraction. Would you recommend it? How many supers can you stack in one go? Does it take long to warm through? Appreciate your feedback

    1. Hi Elaine,
      I found it worked better on the supers that had less frames in i.e. those with 9 frame spacers, so the heat could get around better. If using on supers with 11 frames in I would suggest taking at least one frame out and spacing the remaining ones equally.

      I left the supers on for a couple of days as I had some very hard set combs and it did soften the honey very well to enable extraction.

      I used an empty super at the bottom of the stack and then 4 full supers above that. I did have some sag on the lowest super and the comb dropped out of a couple of frames. I did try it with 6 supers, but that proved too many at once.

      I hope this helps,

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