Yes you can eat honeycomb, in fact before extraction methods were developed this was the traditional way of eating honey and dates back to the earliest way in which man enjoyed honey straight from the bees. Today comb honey is experiencing a re-birth, but it is now considered a luxury item.

Each batch of Lytchett Bay Honey retains the unique floral essences of the plants from which it was made, but the flavour of wax comb also differs according to what the bees ate and adds richness to the flavour that extracted honey doesn’t have and gives you a combination of flavors, textures, and aromas you can’t find anywhere else on earth. You are also getting small traces of pollen and propolis, which have many proven healing properties and can reduce hay fever symptoms (allegedly).

Honeycomb fresh from the hive

We would recommend the following ways of enjoying it:

Toast a piece of your favorite bread or an English muffin & while it is still hot, spread it lightly with butter. Cut a chunk of Lytchett Bay honeycomb and spread it over the toast. You may have to mash it a bit, but the heat will soften the comb so it flattens into the toast along with the honey. It doesn’t melt, but becomes soft and aromatic. It is also good on pancakes or scones.

You could also serve honey with a plate of fine organic cheeses and multi-grain crackers. Cover the cracker with a piece of cheese and top it off with a small chunk of comb. This works great with cheddar or brie, but any cheese will work.