We have a winner – or two!

A very good first ever honey show for Lytchett Bay Apiaries, and I won what I considered to be the creme-de-la-creme, first prize for my honey in the Commercial Section. I got two First places for honey, a second for honey, a second place for Honey cake, a second for photography, a third place for … Continue reading We have a winner – or two!

Not quite right…

I've been rendering and cleaning wax for entering into the honey show, and moulded some wax yesterday to see how it came out. The 8oz blocks were a dismal fail, I must've got some water (probably from steam) into the wax, because this happened; This would have been my entry into class10; Class 10                    One … Continue reading Not quite right…

End of season work

I'm taking advantage of the decent weather and painting a load of new poly mating nucs so I think it's time that I tidy up the stands for them too - 'insect friendly' paint being used, of course. I also have some new Maisemore's 6 frame poly nucs to paint. I use Valspar "Oxford Blue' … Continue reading End of season work

An Inspector (or 5!) came calling…

I had a visit from the National Bee Unit today, two bee inspectors and 3 auditors (why are there always more bean counters?). The auditors were checking that the bee inspectors carried out their work as per ISO standard, and that they were using and filling in the correct paperwork. The National Bee Unit (NBU) … Continue reading An Inspector (or 5!) came calling…

Autumn Jobs

By now, most beekeepers will have finished the harvesting of the honey,  unless they get a second honey flow from plants such as balsam and heather. The Ivy will start to flower soon, and provide more nectar, but it is a very bitter honey and many don't take it but instead leave it for the … Continue reading Autumn Jobs

New Queen, New Palace

I moved the nucleus colony with my new breeder queen into a full-sized hive today, it was too hot to wear a bee suit or jacket, so I wore just a hat and face veil. I'm pleased to say that even though my smoker was lit, and on standby, I did not have to use … Continue reading New Queen, New Palace

Queens All Doing Well

I inspected all the hives and nucs in my garden apiary today, all looking good I'm happy to say. The queens from my own queen rearing programme are all doing very well, with nice solid, healthy looking brood pattern. I also introduced 2 new virgin queens into nucs, hopefully they'll be out on their mating … Continue reading Queens All Doing Well