The process of rearing queens begins with the selection of a mother queen of high quality, a selection of the desired stock to breed from is very important.

Desirable Traits

  • Gentleness
  • High honey production
  • Early spring build up in population
  • Non or low level of swarming tendency
  • Disease and varroa mite resistance
  • Quiet on the comb
  • Good comb builders
  • Non or low propolis producers
  • Good wintering quality
  • Non or low followers (i.e. bees do not follow the beekeeper when leaving the apiary)
  • Economical brood rearing when nectar flow is low or stopped.
  • Bees that fly out at lower temperatures.

Honeybees are not all the same. Each race and colony has different traits; these traits depend on selective breeding.

If we breed from a colony with bad characteristics, we will be perpetuating these bad characteristics, similarly, if we breed from poor colonies, the resulting queens will be inferior.

frame of bees
A nice brood pattern, with stores around brood.

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