An Inspector (or 5!) came calling…

I had a visit from the National Bee Unit today, two bee inspectors and 3 auditors (why are there always more bean counters?). The auditors were checking that the bee inspectors carried out their work as per ISO standard, and that they were using and filling in the correct paperwork. The National Bee Unit (NBU) … Continue reading An Inspector (or 5!) came calling…

Autumn Jobs

By now, most beekeepers will have finished the harvesting of the honey,  unless they get a second honey flow from plants such as balsam and heather. The Ivy will start to flower soon, and provide more nectar, but it is a very bitter honey and many don't take it but instead leave it for the … Continue reading Autumn Jobs

New Information about Chalkbrood

Most beekeepers will be familiar with the fungal disease chalkbrood, which is generally considered to be only of minor importance, but it remains a mysterious disease, and in some areas can be devastating. In a new paper published in the Journal of Apicultural Research, Dafu Chen and colleagues from the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, … Continue reading New Information about Chalkbrood

Deformed wing virus (DWV)

Deformed wing virus (DWV) is a highly viral disease transmitted by Varroa destructor. The disease is commonly found in colonies infested with mites. Deformed Wing Virus is regarded as deadly due to its ability to spread fast in any colony. It causes massive wing deformation in bees making it difficult for them to live normally. … Continue reading Deformed wing virus (DWV)